Farm – Lir – Review

The programme said that the audience was to ‘Meet at Lir’ so I wasn’t sure where or what the piece would be (I brought a warm coat, just in case). It turned out to be in a space just a minutes walk from Lir’s main entrance, which was a large open plan building possibly connected to Lir (dance rehearsal space or even a garage?).

Farm continues the Fringe theme of breaking down conventional theatre, with no stage or fixed seating and with the five main actors (3 men and 2 women) playing numerous parts and animals. It is an odd ball collection of short stories of life on various types of farms, told from numerous perspectives, not always human. The spoken word pieces are broken up with a number of well choreographed dance sequences that were unexpected, but worked well to segment the various tales.

The audience are led through the space, and often whooshed like cattle to various corners where stories are told of life on the allotment, the bee hive, the rural community in Dublin and many other variations. It is always playful and you spend the first part of every segment trying to figure out who or what is talking. There’s even time for a sing along on bails of hay at the end!

It continues until Sunday with tickets at €12-14 and is added to the list of exceptional pieces at this years Fringe.

Categories: Festivals, Theatre

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