Briefs – Meeting House Square – Review

Briefs are an impressive circus troop who are ‘a little bit butch with a whole lot of camp’! From humble beginnings in the back of a book store in Brisbane to touring Europe, this group of performers dance the line between comedy and spectacle, and keep a smile on the face of those who are watching. Their group include the usual array of circus performers, the strong man, the plate spinner and a variety of high wire/ trapeze performers, with it all held together by most glamorous ring master (Shivannah) you will find in size 17 shoes! Her drag act, costume changes and comedy routine lifts the performances and keep the audience on it’s toes, and she works the crowd well. Those that enjoyed La Clique should enjoy this, but some may find that it travels similar ground. I’d still heartily recommend it for those that are not easily shocked (Don’t bring Mum and Dad!).

Meeting house square works well for this event, although it would have been preferable to have tiered seating, and from my cheap seat, it was difficult to see some of the legs during the dance routines. I’ve yet to see the new umbrella structures in the square fully tested, but hopefully the audience will keep dry for the duration of the show’s run.

You also have the chance of winning the meat tray in their raffle. The lucky winner last night (Alan) had that curious delight, and let’s just say, they don’t hand it over easy.

Brief runs in Meeting House Square until 23rd of September. All ring side seats are now sold out, but the other ones are just as good as long as you get their early (at least 20 minutes). Tickets from €20-25.

Categories: Festivals, Theatre

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