Movies -20-07-12 – Batman vs…

Who dares to take on the mighty Batman? Well, Ice T, the Lorax and a frenchie movie. Actually, it is a much smaller crop of movies than usual, and none are even close to the same genre as Bats. I guess they’re running scared, and rightly so as I’m sure there will be only one winner. I hope Batman lives up to the hype, fingers crossed.

Something from nothing: The Art of Rap is Ice-T”s directorial debut, which in itself is a wonderful thing. This is a movie about rap itself, and takes the form of a series of conversations between Ice-T and his mates (Chuck D, Dr. Dre and basically everyone else you’ve ever heard of) about rap and gets good reviews in most quarters.

Dr. Seuss, The Lorax stars the voice of Danny DeVito, and really Danny, it has been far too long! Where have you been? You don’t call, you don’t write. Good to have him back anyway.

Contre toi or In your hands stars Kristin Scott Thomas and tells the story of a kidnapped obstetrician. I kid you not. How do movies like that get funding? Only in france…

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