Black Francis and Kristin Hersh

Let’s call it ‘Monsters of Grunge’? No, they were pre grunge, weren’t they. ‘Monsters of Alternative’? Anyway, two of my teenage self’s favorite artists in the one place at the one time.

“Black Francis and Kristin Hersh duet on the classic Pixies song “Wave of Mutilation”. Recorded with an iphone at the Pleasant Street Theater on July 13, 2012 in Northampton, MA. A wonderful night all around.”

Also, you should be following KH on twitter, as she’s just as great there as she is in reality! She comes out with things like this…

“i’m used to spelling my name wrong (one can short of a six-pack)…but i just spelled my *initials* wrong”

You can also follow Mr. Black Francis on twitter here! He seems to be largely talking about how hot it is at the moment.

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