Movies – 13-7-12

An average to dull week at the movies, with little of any importance in the pile of new releases.

The Giants is a Belgian movie about three kids that are left to wander a bit too much! It looks far and away the best movie of the week, and probably the one I’ll end up going to.

Steven Soderbergh gets his kit off for the ladies, well not him personally, in the very average looking ‘Magic Mike’. Matthew McConaughey proves that you can be in two places at the one time, but starring in this as well as Killer Joe (which I’m pretty sure is the better of the two movies).

There is a Keira Knightley warning in operation this week also, stay away from all movies called ‘Seeking a friend for the end of the world’ unless you want to see some serious ‘chin’ acting, a new technique she has perfected. Steve Carell stars in this crazy love story. Who would imagine those two would end up together, what will Hollywood come up with next!

Detachment is a movie about a substitute teacher who goes to a tough school and blah, blah, blah, have we not seen this movie at least 15 times before? Adrian Brody stars in this Tony Kaye movie, so I guess it won’t be utterly run of the mill.

Help Charlie Kaufman make movies by giving him cash money on Kickstarter! He’s almost two thirds of the way there already.

And don’t forget ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ at the IFI.

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