Movies – 7-06-12

I’m behind at the movies, as I didn’t make it to anything last week! I might try to get to a couple this weekend, although Film Fatale is showing Rear Window this weekend, which is one of my favorite Hitchcocks. They also have an interesting blog here, for those interested in fashion!

Of the new batch released this week, Marina Abramovic is the clear winner!It’s a documentary into the artist and her work, and gets a thumbs up in most directions.

Otherwise, the Hunter has Williem Dafoe chasing tigers, and sounds a bit average unless you’re a Dafoe fan. 7 days in Havana is a bunch of little movies stuck together with sticky tape. The most famous name involved is Benicio Del Toro, and the word on most of the reviewers lips is ‘inconsistent’, a few good ones, a few ropey ones…

It really would have been a good week for a big blockbuster, as there’s very little out! I guess no one wanted to go up against Spiderman.

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