Mark Kozelek – Button Factory – 7th Nov

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen Mark, and at the time he was having a very bad night. The air conditioning was too loud (even though I couldn’t really hear it), people kept singing along with his songs which got the obvious response ‘If I’d wanted backing singers, I’d have paid for them’. Yes, in truth, an average night for King of Grump.

He’s back in town in November, supporting his very good new album ‘Among the Leaves’ (we’re still waiting for the review Roughan) and tickets go on sale tomorrow for 15 euro, which is pretty good actually. I’ll look forward to it. I wonder if he’ll tell the story about the Irish girl he took back to his hotel room that was so drunk she peed in his wardrobe. I always enjoy that one! I think he’s told it every time I’ve sseen him.

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