Things to do

Things to do in Dublin – 25th June – 1st July

Previous events that still run on are here.

1. Gomez – 25-06-12 – The Academy – It was 1998 when this lot won the Mercury Music prize, which is a lot longer ago than I thought it was! Since then, they haven’t exactly set the world on fire, but have released a number of good solid indie rock albums, and that’s not to be sniffed at! Gomez are in town tonight, and it’s the best gig of the week.

2. Amelia Stein- Oliver Sears Gallery – till the 27th of July – One of Ireland’s finest photographers returns with a beautiful collection of work. ‘The Big Sky’ is a collection of pieces of abandoned building in the west of Ireland, that just ache of a lost world. The Palm house is a group of images of the botanic garden in Dublin.

3. Into the Woods – Peacock Theatre- 25th and 26th of June – A series of short plays by young Irish writers. The actors involved seem an impressive bunch, and this could be something to look forward to, with tickets at only 6 euro, you’re not exactly risking a limb!

4. Killer Joe – Nationwide – from Friday 29th – This is almost a great movie, but just misses the mark which I think is mostly down to editing, as some scenes drag a little. It’s certainly worth a visit, and is a great view of a trailer park America that I want to exist!

Our festival tip of the week is Sea Sessions where Rev Run (Run DMC) and the Happy Mondays will be keeping the punters happy. The Cork midsummer festival also continues, and watch out for the Adrian Crowley curated Bowerbird.

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