Movies – 22-06-12 – The Apartment

Ok, what’s new in the world of the silver screen! The one the critics are loving to hate is ‘lay the favorite’ which is the new Stephen Frears movie. The Guardian says it ‘isn’t interesting or very comprehensible’. Just once I want to see a poster around town with a pile of comments like that about a movie and one and two star ratings on it. It would make a nice change.

The best of the new releases this week seems to be a Russian movie called ‘Silent Souls’. Ok, it looks a bit bleak, but beautifully shot. See what you think below.

The other gem of the week is ‘The Apartment’, which is a movie starring Jack Lemon and directed by Billy Wilder, that has the loosest morals of anything I’ve come across in main stream Hollywood for many a year. Anyway, it’s a thing of beauty, and has just been tarted up and re-released, so go see! Between that and Jaws, we’re being treated to many good re-releases of late.

The ‘five year engagement’ sounds like average rom com land, about a couple who just can’t get married. Hilarious!

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