Link Culturefest – Smithfield – May 25th -27th

What the hell is Link Culturefest, I hear you scream from the top of your lungs? Well, according to the web site, it’s…

“A weekend festival in Dublin that aims to showcase and celebrate the culture, art and people that make up the diverse community that exists in Smithfield and its surrounding areas.”

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Details and programme are here.

There will be readings in lillyput press, and lots of exhibitions in Smithfield and beyond! There’s also a couple of free or cheap gigs, namely…

24th May – Phisqa – St. Michan’s Church, Smithfield – Free

24th May – European Sensoria Band (ESB) / Mersk Collective –  The Joinery  – €5

25th May – Trinity Orchestra perform Radiohead, OKO –  St. Michan’s Church, Smithfield – €8

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