Movies – 18-05-12 – The Raid

This week sees the release of the Raid, the heir apparent to the title of best action movie, that has the critics wetting themselves to prove how butch they are, and that they don’t just like Hungarian coming of age dramas. I guess we’ll have to believe them, and I think I’ll head along to see what all the fuss is about.The strangest thing about it is that it was directed by a Welsh man.

The other big release is Sasha Baron Cohen’s latest effort ‘The Dictator’. You know what you’re getting here, and to be honest, they’re rarely funny enough to hold me for a full movie without getting bored, and you’ve probably seen the best bits in the trailer. It’ll do well regardless. I do love the marketing campaign around town, with the posters with the furry beard!

The North Sea and Two days in New York are the other releases of the week, and the indie ones at that.  They both get average reviews, but Two days in New York (sequel to two days in Paris) stars and was directed by the wonderful Julie Delpy, so gets a thumbs up from me!

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