The Bad Plus – NCH, Dublin – Rite of Spring

The main reason I know The Bad Plus is due to their cover versions of indie classics such as Velouria by the Pixies and Karma Police by Radiohead. They’ve put their own slant on the music, but you can hear the original buried somewhere (sometimes not too deep) inside!

They’ve taken this one step further this time, and have started covering classical music, with their jazz edge. Some would say sacrilege, but for the rest of us… it sounds interesting? You can hear the result in the National Concert Hall on the 26th of May, as they perform “On Sacred Ground: Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring”.

They’re also doing a talk on how their experience arranging and composing the rite of spring, which is on the 28th in the NCH again. I guess that’s one for the real music nerds in the room.

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