Movies – 27-04-12 – Damsels in Distress

Whit Stillman is back in town. Yes, that’s right… go on… it’ll come back to you if you think about it hard enough. The director of some lovely indie gems from the 90’s such as ‘Barcelona’ and ‘Metropolitan’ has released his first movie in 13 year. His last was ‘the last days of disco’ and wasn’t his best, but for some reason he took a break in between. When asked what happened in the gap years, in a recent interview, all he said was ‘failure’. Ahem, we won’t ask anymore I guess. He tried to get a couple of movies off the ground, which didn’t happen, but we’re glad to have him back, none the less.

So what of this movie itself, it reminded me of Heathers, both in the setting (college as opposed to school, but you know what I mean) and in the general topic of suicide. The dialogue is the real reason I missed Whit, and it’s lovely to have his dense, wordy, funny prose style back. The po faced deliver of some killer lines will have you chuckling, and while the characters are nowhere near believable, it just makes them all the more intriguing. Ok, it’s not perfect, the ending doesn’t quite work, among other things, but just go regardless. It’s like having an old friend back in town, and that can’t be a bad thing, right? I should mention the performances also, with a few of the relative unknowns in the cast really standing out, Greta Gerwig especially.

Otherwise, the Avengers movie is finally out. It just seemed like a bad idea from the start, as the Avengers comics were always muck in my mind, but Joss Whedon seems to have done enough to see it getting a passing grade in most spots. Albert Nobbs gets a bashing from the critics, which is a surprise. Remember when it was like a competition between Glenn Close and Meryl Streep to see who could get the most Oscars? Where did it all go wrong Glenn? Being Elmo gets good reviews in most spots also, the story of the guy behind one of the most annoying puppets of recent years.

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