Choice Music Prize Winner – Jape!

Congrats to Jape, as he’s a lovely person. I met him on the stairs of the Button Factory about a year ago, and he stopped to let me get past. A well brought up young man!

Sadly, Oddly, it seems to have got incredibly little press, and mostly due to the fact that he won it three years previously. I listened to various radio stations on the way into work, and it didn’t get a mention at all! This doesn’t alter the fact that he won it, and does show that the panel is pretty impartial to outside pressures.

‘I popped my cherry to November rain, I think she liked it but don’t think she came’ – The man always had a way with lyrics!

He didn’t do much in the way of videos for the new album, sadly, as his old ones were great, but here’s a taste of what it sounds like. It has a nice 80’s feel and wafts away nicely.

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