Music for Babies #8 – Laura Veirs

It’s the first Music for Babies in a long, long time, which I think is number 8! Laura was born in Colarado in 1973 and already has a fine selection of folk albums under her belt, the pick of which is probably ‘A Year of Meteors’ from 2005.

Laura has just completed an album for children, because ‘we have a child’ which is as good a reason as any. She’s quite suited for it, with a sound that kids would already quite enjoy. There’s lots of gibberish songs on it, and old songs that they have taken off traditional american folk albums among others. It all sounds quite lovely, and worth checking out for the little people in your life.

You can get it here, and see what you think of the sound and tracklist.

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  1. defo on the Christmas list! this sounds brilliant! love it! i’ve had the ukulele out again a good bit lately and it’s going down great with the small man!

  2. they’re great craic. i love it now. i got a pretty decent one in the end from an online shop in Ireland (i was inspired after a trip to london where i randomly came across this incredible ukulele shop called The Duke of Uke ( which used to be in Spitalfields but has since moved I believe- still one of my fav shops i’ve ever been in. i believe you can pick one up in lidl for cheaps at the moment but it will most likely be crappy… you should definitely invest though man! hours of fun!

    • I got a recorder in Lidl recently, but didn’t see anything odd ball there. Guitars and amps and junk. That would be perfect though, only want something to bang on. What was your online shop? It could be my christmas present for myself!

      • ps. look for solid wood top, back and sides (e.g. mahogany) and non-laminate fretboard (e.g. rosewood) if you can stretch the budget, otherwise, have several ones for about 35-50 quid which would be better than your 20 quid ones – the thing with those really cheap 20 quid ukes is that they are kinda toys, which sounds fine until they go out of tune with every strum… not fun.

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