Movies – 11-11-11 The Silence

It’s finally that day, the one with all the ones! I’ve been looking forward to it for ages, well, at least a week. I was just listening to RTE One who were interviewing kids who were 11 today. Cutting edge journalism there, if you ask me.

A few decent new releases this week, but the Silence is the one that caught my imagination for whatever reason. It’s a detective story of an unsolved murder from 23 years ago, that sparks a more recent copy cat killing. All the reviewers seem to like it, so I think it’s worth a punt.

Wuthering Heights is the other move getting good press this week, but having studied the book in school, I ended up hating it, and couldn’t face it again! I’m quite sure it’s a good adaptation though.

Other movies this week include the Rum Diary which stars and is partially funded by Johnny Depp, and gets a luke warm reception in most quarters. The Immortals is the trailer you’ve probably seen hundreds of times in recent months if you go to the movies at all, it looks like 300, almost exactly like 300! I’m sure it has the same producers or something. It gets average reviews from all, which is more than I was expecting. Spooky thriller ‘The Awakening’ seems to be released about a week too late, and ‘Arthur Christmas’ a month too early.

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