Mark Eitzel Update – or why Doctor Who’s companion love to sing AMC!

Mark is currently on a mini tour of England, the details of which you can find here. There’s a fun interview with him in walesonline here, in which he discusses touring (see below), his heart attack (very briefly) and Doctor Who.

“Usually I’ll do some small gig, eat the crappy packet of crisps that makes up my rider, go back late to crumby hotel which will then want me up and out by six next morning.

“But it’s okay, because I normally don’t sleep anyhow and will already be up at that time furiously typing on the TripAdvisor website about how much I hate the place I’m staying in.”

Here’s a recent rendition of ‘Why I’m Bullshit’ with a much slimmed down Mark.

Categories: Gigs, Music

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