Movies – 28-10-11 – Ghostbusters!

Right, first off, this is not a weekend for art house stories of struggles in eastern Europe or coming of age dramas in South America, this is a weekend for ghost, ghouls and zombies! Go check out Mary’s recent guest post, and see if there’s anything you’re missing from the list, go investigate.

Sadly, there’s a pretty average lot of non horror movies released this week. I’m struggling to understand how Ryan Gosling can be in every movie released in the last few months, maybe there’s more than one of him, who knows. Not only is he in ‘Drive’ and  ‘Crazy, Stupid Love’, but he’s also in the new George Clooney effort ‘The Ides of March’. As with all George’s efforts to date, it’ll be grand, but nothing special.

Anonymous is a movie about the real writer of Shakespeare’s play and sonnets! It looks a bigger production than I expected, but hasn’t caught the imagination of any of the critics I’ve checked out. Miss Bala is a teen runaway drama from Mexico that is also heaped onto the ‘average’ pile this week. ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ seems to be directed by Steven Spielberg, but still isn’t getting much attention.

Ghostbusters has got a re-release this weeek in cineworld, so that’s where I’m headed! Pity I can’t see it in the Stella in Rathmines like the last time I did. With a bit of luck, I’ll also see some of the Horrorthon in the IFI, and maybe even the Rocky Horror Picture show, which is all over the place this week. Ignore George Clooney for one week at least!

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