Movies – 21-10-11 – We need to talk about Kevin

First, an apology: We realise that in this section last week, some comments were made that were painful for some of our readers. While these were made in a jovial manner, this may not have come across to many, and in mature recollection, it would have been wiser not to say these things. Further to the above, we would like to retract ‘Footloose is crap’ and replace it with ‘Footloose is a bit crap’ instead.

This week seems easy in terms of what’s worth seeing. There’s only one winner in ‘We need to talk about Kevin’. Tilda Swinton and John C Reilly star in this story of a monster child, based on the Lionel Shriver book of the same name. Everyone seems to like it with five star reviews in all the spots I checked (ok, two spots, but it’s enough for me).

The Yellow sea is one half Mike Leigh and one half action flick according to the Times. If you want to see how that works, then head along, most reviewers seem to like it. Contagion is Steven Soderbergh’s star heavy ‘end of the world as we know it’ drama that is meant to be a little dull. All he had to do is add zombies, and he could have been on to something!

You can read Peter Bradshaw’s vicious review of Gus Van Sant’s new effort here. Gus is an odd old fish, and I’m not sure what he’s trying to do with most of his movies. Still, at least he’s trying to do different things, even if they don’t work out.

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