Mountains to Sea

Is ‘Mountains to Sea’ grammatically correct? I’m not one to dwell on such issues, but seeing as it’s a literary festival, they should probably check that. It sounds like there’s something missing to me, ‘the’ possibly.

The festival starts on Thursday, and runs from the 1st-11th of Sept, in a variety of venues around Dunlaoghaire. There’s a few interesting people attending the event, and according to their own blurb:

“Highlights in our stellar line-up include veteran US novelist Robert Coover delivering The Beckett Address, and readings by Emma Donoghue, Edna O’Brien, Belinda McKeon, Melvyn Bragg, Sebastian Barry, and crime writerVal McDermid.” Strangely they’ve missed Michael Ondaatje from that list, who is the biggest name there in my mind at least.

Emma Donoghue wrote the booker nominated ‘Room’ a few years back, and will be discussing that and her new novel, while she is ‘in conversation with Mia Gallagher’.

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