500th post blues!

Yes, seems like just yesterday this blog was a glint in the eye of some bored individuals with too much time no their hands. Thanks to all of you, for sticking around this long, and for those that have left already, good ridence!

For the future, we’ve planned a lot of guest writers. I’ve nagged some people and will continue to nag some more, just to get a few different opinions about the place.

Anniversaries are all about looking back, so we’ll a quick look at 2011 and what it has brought. Gay Byrne for President? Thankfully not. But it did bring albums like this:

1. Tune Yards – Whokill – Not quite as good as her previous effort, but her live performances made up for it! You can download (Beastie Boy) Ad Rock’s remix of Gangsta here.

2.PJ Harvey – Let England Shake – Another top class effort for PJ. She rarely misses.

3. Bon Iver – Bon Iver – Beth/ Rest aside, a lovely album that I’m still listening to a few months later.

4. Modular Sonic Explorations – Modular Sonic Explorations – Nice to have a new name on the list, and this is top notch post rock.

5. Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee – Nice to have them back in our world.

And Movies like this:

1. Win Win – I was sold before I went to the cinema, but this really is a lovely movie.

2. Poetry -It felt a bit slow at the time watching it, but it really stayed with me afterwards, and is an interesting moral tale to work through.

3. The Rise of the Planet of the Apes – I watched this with a smile on my face throughout. I loved the scenes of the apes attacking, and as with all good animal movies, the humans make such good bad guys!

4. Senna – I’m generally not a huge fan of documentaries on the big screen, as I don’t think it adds that much to it, above watching it on TV, but this is an interesting tale of ambition and character. No interest in F1 is required!

5. Animal Kingdom – A low budget Australian movie, that showed how a young man was sucked into a web of violence.

And the most disappointing movie of the year… The Tree of life

Update: Thanks to James K for this one. Sit back and be dazzled. Tom Waits channeled through the Cookie Monster.

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    • When I get comments like your one, they’re mostly spam, with a link trying to sell me herbal viagra! Good to know you’re a real person at least. Thanks for the kind words…

  1. Yay for Morgs for keeping the blog rolling, providing most of the content, and needling others into making the odd post too, and also to John for the always well thought out and interesting posts (from which I have discovered some excellent ambient music).

    • Thanks lad, i’d have given up ages ago if it wasn’t for yourself and John, so keep up the good work. It’s fun really, and nice to get the odd comment out of the blue like the one above, and from various artist and other folks. M.

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