Jens Lekman arguing with himself

Jens Lekman is one of those guys that most people would like if they’d heard him. His songs are nice and quirky, and often very funny.

Despite talk of retiring from the music industry, he’s just released a new e.p. called An Argument with Myself. These are songs he didn’t feel were right for his new album, which is also on the horizon! More good news.

An Argument With Myself EP:

01 An Argument With Myself
02 Waiting for Kirsten
03 A Promise
04 New Directions
05 So This Guy at My Office

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    • Yeah, I’ve heard talk of him giving up a few times, but glad he never has! I guess it must be hard to be the starving artist type, when you could just in a dull moderately paid office job and count the seconds until you can go home.

      It’s nice to have him back, none the less. Now, hopefully a tour to follow. You ever see him live? He’s a lovely man really…

  1. Haven’t managed to see him live, but have had a soft spot for him for years. Just the right level of quirk to brighten up a grey day.

    • He’s one of those people that makes everyone in the room think he’s singing especially for them! Lovely music and great stories inbetween. Most of them are probably made up, but I don’t think that really matters. Hopefully he’ll do a night in Whelans, finger’s crossed.

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