Kristin Hersh – Workmans club

Last time Kristin played here, it was in the sadly departed Waterstones, as part of her book signing. I managed not even to hear about it until the day before! Life can be cruel.

This time out, I’m a bit more in the loop. She’s playing the workman’s club on August 24th, with tickets at 20 euro. Yeah! This has been a good week for gigs.  She’s also offering more free 50ft wave stuff here, which is jolly nice of her!

Kristin also gives very good twitter, and comes out with comments like this:

“Wy never knew the Jetsons & the Flintstones lived in different time periods…he thought the Jetsons were rich & the Flintstones were poor”. Funny and profound! You can follow her here.

Here’s a clip from the documentary ‘Rock and Roll Mamas’ (ahem, Candepop!).

Categories: Gigs, Music

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