Movies – 08-07-11 – Tree of Life

It’s Terrance Mallick day here, with all the papers wetting themselves and showering the movie with stars. I’ve a small problem with Terrance, which is that his movies are a little dull, even though they look lovely. I should probably shut up though, as I’m pretty much alone in thinking that. I’ll probably head along, none the less. The trailer looks like an add for an insurance company, with lots of images of ‘happy youth’!

UPDATE: Tree of Life is like a 2 hour insurance add, from start to finish. Don’t blame me if you go to it! It looks lovely, but it more than a bit boring. Still no idea what it was about!

The Guard is the big Irish release of the week, which start Brendan Gleeson as a Garda in small town Ireland. I’m always worried about Irish movies, as you can’t trust the reviewers for them, but this one looks like it could be fun, none the less.

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