Modular Sonic Explorations



As the blurb on the website says, “The Modular Project is the collaboration of a select group of sonic technicians working together to discover what the spontaneous and organic manipulation of sound can yield. Inspired by the world around them, they set out to discover what it might sound like when continents shift, clouds form, and roots push through soil.

Capturing and manipulating the hum of the natural world, their results show that there are as many answers as there are questions, that in seeming chaos there is order, and within that order there are new undiscovered truths waiting to be revealed.”

It’s darned interesting stuff. Jazz, ambient and post-rock … reminds me a bit of Tortoise and a little of Explosions in the Sky and a little of Rachels. And check out that limited edition vinyl and book!

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  1. They’re a bit of a find. Where did you hear about them? Like them a lot, like good Tortoise.

  2. yeah it’s bizarre – it seems the guys are session musicians for the likes of Tori Amos and Bowie and all sorts of big names… presumably just enjoying the freedom of this project.

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