Michael Franti ‘Sound of Sunshine’

This quickly seems to be the song of the summer, which is nice to see, as no one can claim he didn’t pay his dues.

I was listening to Today FM the other day, and Tony Fenton said ‘I’ve no idea who Michael Franti is, but if he keeps making songs like this, we’ll be hearing him for a long time’. As we all know there’s no higher endorsement that praise from Tony.

Michael Franti is of course the former lead singer of the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy and Spearhead, and one of the nicest people you’ll ever see on stage. He just glows! Nice to see him doing well, even if it isn’t his finest hour musically.

The song and album ‘Sound of Sunshine’ were actually released last September, but seems to have waited until now to do well!

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  1. I saw Spearhead in Slane a million years ago. I’ve always loved him for continually saying “Have we got the County Meath in the house?”.

    • He’s amazing for festivals, he always gets those 4 pm slots where it’s nigh on impossible to get the crowd to move, and somehow he always achieves it!

      He was actually doing well, as most rock stars think Slane is in Dublin. I’m sure the county Meath was hopping!

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