Lost Irish #4 – A house

It’s hard to know what A-house did wrong. They had it all really, smart lyrics, nice guitar lines, gound breaking videos etc. They even received regular air play on Mtv and BBC radio, but still they never made the leap to the big time. Hard to believe that such radio friendly indie pop never made it, I guess one more time is shows that the main element is luck.

Dave Couse (vocals), Fergal Bunbury (guitars) and Martin Healy (bass) were all friends together at Templeogue school, before meeting drummer Dermot Healy to form A house. Their first of seven albums was released in 1988, but their next two were the real successes with ‘I want too much’ and ‘I am the greatest’ in 1990 and 91 respectively.

I remember their amazing videos on the beat box and other weekend morning music shows, and was always impressed by what they had done on tiny budgets. Sadly, their videos haven’t really made it to youtube, with only one bad version of endless art, and one that is talked over. I’m sure someone will put them up at some stage.

A house broke up in 98, and since then Couse has made a few albums under the moniker of Dave Couse and the Impossible, and also presents a weekly show on Today FM in Ireland.

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