Mark Eitzel is OK

UPDATE: Some good news, is that Mark Eitzel is co-headlining with the Late Birds in the Great American Music Hall on Saturday, the 10th of Sept 2011. Great to have him back on the stage. Wish I could be there!

Some sad news, but at least he’s alright. Mark Eitzel had a heart attack sometime in early May. As with most things about Mark, it didn’t make the press, and I only found out about it due to an update on his facebook page saying:

“Everything is OK. Thanks for the support and concern.”

I must have seen Mark Eitzel ten times over the years, and each time I’ve seen him has been an event. He’s often at his best when playing by himself, and just talking to the crowd. He tells amazing stories, which you’re never sure whether they’re quite true or not. It doesn’t matter, seeing Mark on stage is a real experience, as he’s always someone who doesn’t hold back, and gives the audience his all.

The last time I saw him was at ATP, where he spent the whole set trying to convince the crowd that he was one of the regular Butlin’s performers, who ATP were contractually obliged to have at their festival. He has a wonderful self deprecating sense of humor, and his gigs are often as funny as they are musically engaging. I hope he’s back on the stage soon!

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  1. It’s many moons since I’ve seen him live, which now that I think of it makes me sad. Then again, most everything about him makes me sad. Kind of like the fun uncle you realise later in life was a raging alcoholic. Looking forward to the Cardiac Rehab tour.

  2. He’s great live, there’s something wonderfully frail about him, that you keep wondering when it will all fall apart, and you constantly worry about him while he’s on stage! From the stories he tells on stage, he has definitely lived a ‘full life’. You rarely get away with that kind of living for too long, but hopefully this was a wake up call to clean up his act. There was meant to be a new album on the way also, so not sure what will happen with that.Fingers crossed he’ll be up and going before too long.

  3. He’s one of those guys whom you’d still go to see even when his output became pretty turgid (which it was for quite a long time). His tragi-comic live shows are a thing of difficult beauty, with the ATP performance (complete with ripped suit) being a wonderful, though worrying, highlight.

    I hope he manages the comeback tour, the stories will be great, and the regret for a lifestyle lost should fill a couple of albums.

    • Hard to see him on the road any time soon, or possibly ever again. it must be very tough living out of a suit case on the road, and not suited for someone with a bad heart. I guess it depends on how bad a heart attack it was. fingers crossed for him anyway…

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