4 star movie reviews – 1*04*11

Spring is in the air, the birds are singing in the trees, and due to their abduction of an hour last weekend, it’s starting to feel a lot like summer. This has had an obvious effect on the reviewers, as they’ve been throwing out the stars like no one’s business.

The real surprise of the week is ‘Source Code’ which is a high concept movie about time travel and other junk. Critics generally don’t even bother to see these movies, as they just know they’ll hate them and write dodgy reviews while staying in bed. Not the case in this instance, as they nearly all give it four or five stars. Might even go to this one.

The other movies the critics love this week are ‘Essential Killing’ with Vincent Gallo and ‘Oranges and Sunshine’ by Ken Loach starring Emily Watson.

The one movie they didn’t like this week, was sadly the Irish one, ‘Killing Bono’ which is the story of the other band in U2’s school, who thought they were going to make it, but didn’t. Ok, they never really had a chance with that one.

The Irish Times reviews Michael Henke’s new version of The White Ribbon here. I must admit they had me for quite a while with this one. See what you think of the review on the link above.

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