Confused Movie news – 25-03-11

How can this be a good movie? How can a documentary about a trip to see cave paintings in France in 3D be in any way worthwhile? ‘The Cave of forgotten dreams’  sounds like the type of thing you’d avoid like the plague, unless you wanted to find some middle ground between yourself and your Mum/ Dad, and you’d both come out of the cinema slightly disgruntled. Werner Herzog loves to surprise with his movie choices though, and this one gets good reviews in anywhere I have looked, so who knows.

Otherwise, there’s a good few average movies knocking around this week. Limitless is a thriller, starring De Niro and looks like the type of thriller you’d only watch on international travel. Faster stars ‘The Rock’ and is obviously therefore muck. The Eagle is set about the Roman Empire which I’m sure is totally factual. The other release of the week is a dodgy looking horror called Wake Wood, that I’m sure I’ll eventually see.

On a slightly different note, I’d like to apologise to all involved in the ‘Lincoln Lawyer’, which is actually lost of fun. Worth a visit to the cinema or a Friday night DVD with popcorn.

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