Button Factory in Examinership

A quick look back at our recent gig guide shows that a lot more gigs than normal were showing up in the Button Factory, with Deerhunter, John Grant, Matmos, Joan as Policewoman, Raekwon the Chef, Drive-by Truckers and many more all listed for the venue. I guess this should have been an indication that something had changed!

Last Friday it was announced that the Button Factory had gone into examinership, with the following announcement.

“Examinership does not affect any gigs, club nights or promoters. It is business as usual. Examinership simply means we have a period of 90 days to make arrangements to safeguard the viability of the business and make the business stronger for the years to come.”

Sounds good then, I’m not sure why all business don’t go into examinership! As of now, no gigs are affected, but I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

Categories: Gigs, Music

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