Movies – 28-01-11

Is it possible for a newspaper to wake up in a bad mood? Well, the Guardian doesn’t like anything this week, and especially not the new Clint Eastwood movie Hereafter (well, ok, no one seems to like that one!).

A few new movies this week, the main one being Biutiful who most of the papers seem to like, other than the Guardian who compares it to a Benetton ad from the mid 90’s (ok, they still give it three stars!). Most of the other reviews seem to like it though, and there’s even a few glowing ones! Javier Bardem got an oscar nom for this one, so maybe worth seeing it for him alone. Its from Alejandro González Iñárritu, who previously directed 21 grams, Amores Perros and Babel.

There’s also ‘How do you know’ by director James L Brooks, yes the name at the end of the Simpsons, which gets average reviews (other than in the Guardian), and also an average looking animation called Tangled.

Actually just noticed that all the Guardian reviews are by Peter Bradshaw. I guess he’s in the midst of the January blues! Happens to us all.

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  1. Saw Biutiful this weekend, and it is a shockingly depressing movie! Not a hint of happiness in there, but still well made and acted, and spooky in parts. Worth going to, but only if you’re trying to come down off some type of high!

    Saw ‘Blue Valentine’ also, and you guessed it, it’s really depressing also! Its very well made though, and a believable story about the end to a relationship/ marriage that should never really have happened! Ryan and Michelle are both very good in it.

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