Broadcast singer Trish Keenan dies

Sad news, as the lead singer of Broadcast Trish Keenan died yesterday aged 42. Not a very rock star end, as she seems to have had H1N1 flu, which ended up as pneumonia. They were listed as one of the performers of both Animal Collective’s ATP and Primavera, so obviously that is unlikely to go ahead. I was never a huge fan of their work, but was only listening to them the other day, while making my decision on whether ATP is worth a visit this year. She had a lovely voice, and will hopefully be long remembered for her music.

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  1. That is very sad, 42 is a shockingly young age to die at. I always vaguely liked Broadcast, though they never seemed to shake off the impression of being Stereolab-lite. Oddly there seems to be less fuss about H1N1 this year, though it has actually been more widespread than last year.

    • yeah, 42 is shockingly young. It sounds like she just got a bad dose of flu, away from home, and it got worse and worse. Very sad story indeed.

      The Stereolab comparison was definitely there, but they were pretty good in their own light, no one plays in a vacuum after all.

      I guess the media are just bored with scaring us about the flu, so they’ve moved on to something else. 90 % of flu cases this year are H1N1, so it’s everywhere at this stage…

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