Movies -14-01-11

There’s always a few weeks where you’re better off taking a break from the movies. There’s lots of other entertaining things you can do, including starting your own stamp collection or even making model boats in glass bottles. I think this is a week for such occupations.

The Green Hornet doesn’t get as battered as you’d expect really. It seems to get three stars in most of the reviews, which is good for a super hero conversion. Have to say though, i never liked the character, and really would find it hard to go to this one. The only thing in its favour is that it’s made by one of my favourite directors in Michael Gondry, he of ‘eternal sunshine’ fame. Who knows, but I think I’ll wait for dvd release.

Possibly the best reviewed movie of the week is ‘Blue Valentine’ which is the story of a disintegrating marriage, starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. I think I’ll go back to my stamp collection though.

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