Best gig of 2011? Les Savy Fav – New Years Eve – Button Factory

Les Savy Fav in the Button factory on New Years eve lived up to the immense expectation I had for it, and it must already be a contender for gig of the year.  They kicked off with a countdown at midnight, during the night we skipped ahead and did the countdown for 2012 and 2013 also. New Years is all about the ’10, 9, 8′ and we must have done it ten times by the end of the night!

There were as many clothes changes as expected, and Tim emerged onto the stage dressed as St. Patrick, and then changed into his usual wrestler set, before wearing a cardboard box, and dressing as an angel and a little girl.

I’ve no idea why there were still tickets available for this on the night, but it says something about Irish music fans that there were. A fantastic night, and I think everyone there love it. Same again for New Years next year, please, thank you!

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  1. He really is an entertainer, rather than a singer. You get chunks of time where the band hold on to a section of the song whilst he wanders off and does his thing with the crown. An absolutely perfect band if you have a couple of drinks down you. I always appreciate someone who tailors things to where they’re playing too (same as Q-Tip’s Ireland jersey last time he played, I guess).

    A tough act to follow alright!

    • yeah, it’s not really about the music with Les Savy, it’s mostly about seeing what Tim is up to, which can be anything! I mostly just followed him, seeing what he was up to, but trying to keep a safe distance in case he attacked me! He works the room like no one else (possibly the exception of Iggy Pop) and is creative and funny also. Can’t see any gig being as good, but you never know. It is only January!

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