All Totally Po-faced

Right, this is no more than a started – I’m tired and about to go to bed, but thought I’d start the ball rolling. Basically the Godspeed ATP was fun, as ATP always is, but lacked fun in a way that was a bit disappointing. Almost all of the acts were very po-faced (barring the excruciating ‘Children’s Entertainer’ Al Yankovic), and nobody really played with the crowd, which was a shame.

I’m not really moaning though, there were some very good performances – Bardo Pond, Godspeed themselves, Land of Kush, Tindersticks, Scout Niblett and others whom I’m sure we’ll write of later. There were some incredibly pretentious features on the bill too, mostly in the Crazy Horse venue, but I guess that was predictable.

As Robert Plant wisely asked, “does anybody remember laughter?”. Wise words Robert, wise words…

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  1. Maybe a little harsh, but I basically agree. Onedia in Crazy Horse was a fun idea, to have the one band play for ten hours, and basically a big jam session that other bands drop in and out of was a great idea. Not sure it really worked, but white mountains (i think that’s their name) were very cool at about 10 o’clock.

    I think they needed to rework their schedule really, and hide their arty boring bands at the begining and the end of the day, and make the most of the ones they had. Deerhoof, The Ex, The Oh Sees, The Sadies etc were just wasted at stupid times.

    Also, for them not to replace one of their headliners, when throbbing gristle pulled out was poor.

    The main problem was I don’t really agree with Godspeed’s taste in music! I came away with a few bands worth exploring, but not as many as i expected!

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