Slow News Day – Fantasy Band

Its definitely a slow news day in the Times, as they’re running a fantasy band, with the following rules:

“No more than two dead people for the starting five; No more than one person from one band (players in crossover bands are allowed); Each band must have a name and a short explanation as to why this is the best band ever. This is not a list of the best musicians – this is the best band as a unit working effectively together”

Band Name: Red Drum – I’m sure this band would be kicking! They’d all hate Kozelek, as he’d be constantly moaning about his monitor/ the air conditioning etc, but he’d be great on backing vocals. The trumpet breaks with Miles would be hard to resist!

Tom Waits – Vocals/ Piano

Mark Kozelek – Guitar/ Backing Vocals

Kim Deal – Bass/ Backing Vocals (this was the only no brainer in my book!).

Miles Davis – Trumpet

John Bonham – Drums (I resisted Phil Collins, but was tempted!)

Feel free to add your own fantasy band below!

Categories: Music

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