Best new music, according to…

This one is kind of a cheat I guess, as it isn’t a single site at all, rather a compilation of lots of different sites! Metacritic is a site i often use to see if I’m missing any hidden gems out there! As it combines the views (or rather their star rating!) of a lot of different reviewers, and reduces a particular critic’s prejudice to null and void, although slightly suffers from being judged by committee! This often means that the new Bruce Springsteen will be top of the list, regardless of whether its any good or not (ok, i don’t like Bruce). Also, some albums only get one or two reviews, so end up with very high scores in death metal monthly or whatever.

I’m ignoring a lot of the Eric Clapton, Neil Young albums that always do well in polls like this, and will see if there’s anything new that could be worth a listen.  Deerhunter again does very well, with 86. I really must get my hands on this one, but Bradford is such a drip, he just puts me off his music! Still, will see what he’s up to now, could be better than usual. Swans new album also does well with an 87 score.

Vijay Iver gets an 80 score with an album of jazz piano, which sounds pretty nice stuff.

Lots of critic’s favourites, with albums such as the Walkmen(82), Grinderman (86), Robert Plant (85), Arcade Fire (86), Janelle Monae (91), Flying Lotus (86), Joanna Newsome (85), Ariel Pink (85), The Naational (84), LCD Soundsystem (84), Sleigh Bells (84), Caribou (83), Beach House (82), Four tet (82)

The new names are generally the interesting thing though. Crime in Stereo do well with a 91 score. Never heard of them, but it sounds pretty good.

The Budos Band get an 85 and sound nice and funky, with some nice brass sounds and a nice 70’s feel.

Sam Amidon who i talk about here often, got an 84 which is good to see. Avi Buffalo got an 81, and i quite liked them at this years ATP. A band recommend by James Kelleher, the Unthanks get an 81 also, as do the Books, who I’ve always had a soft spot for. B Dolan also deserves a mention, as I saw him play support to Dan Le Sac earlier in the year, and was quite impressed at how foul a man could be at 4 in the afternoon at an all ages gig! I’ve included his spoken word letter to Justin Timberland!

The highest rated Irish man is the much under rated Fionn Regan (81). I saw him in the workman’s club about a month ago, and he blew me away! He’s just about the best thing out of Ireland, in my humble opinion!

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