Den End

RTE have officially ended the Den, to be replaced by these smiling idiots. In truth its been rubbish for years, and god knows Socky was never funny.

It had a wonderful free flow form of comedy, with the guys just talking nonsense for hours between the normal brand of cartoons based around computer games and transforming robots.

Its been in decline since Zig and Zag left, and hasn’t been worth a damn since Dustin went. Still, it’s nice to remember the good times. Here’s some classic moments.

Zig and Zag do an Elvis Sabotage

Captain Shamrock and the boys on Paddy’s Day. I remember being in stitches watching this one!

God didn’t Darcy look young in this one. Dustin features in this one, doing the racing commentary.

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    • I could put in more clips if you like? I could change the bog to a den appreciation society! Zig and Zag at their best, were just great!

      It had gone to rubbish over the last few years, but in their day…

  1. loved the den show with zig and zag taped some myself back in november 1992-93.would love to see the halloween show from 1992 with podge was very funny,if you have that show.if you have the fullshow would cladly buy a copy from you.

    • I loved the st patrick days best of all. captain shamrock will live long in my heart! RTE didn’t save any of the Den’s, as they were only the links between programmes, which is very sad. They were some of the best things they produced at the time. I think the video they released at christmas was mostly from some kid who just taped hundreds of their shows.

      Sorry, can’t help you with the halloween show, but if anyone can, let me know…

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