Joe Dante’s back!

Yes, that’s right, Joe’s back in town. The man that taught me the three rules, no bright lights, don’t get them wet and never, never let them eat after midnight! If you read his back catalogue, its like every other movie I loved from my childhood, and yet somehow he’s not that big a name. I’ve no idea how this happened, or why he’s not at the same level as a Spielberg or a Lucas (this is possibly a good thing), but he definitely should be.

His kids movies include many underrated classics, such as the Explorers and Innerspace, but he is best known for the Gremlins. I’m not sure why he made Gremlins two as pretty much a slap stick comedy, it would have been more in keeping with a Gremlins 6 or 7, but I still really like it. He was also involved with TV shows such as Eerie Indiana and the Twilight zone. the Howling is one of his few horror outings, but its another lost gem if you ask me.

His new movie, the Hole is another kids horror, and the trailer doesn’t look anything special, it may lack tiny monsters running around the place for me, but still, I’m looking forward to it.

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