Cinema round up

i’m pretty much up to date with the movies at the moment, so will share my infinite wisdom with the masses. Ahem.

Life during wartime – slow, slow, slow and still pretty odd, but maybe i’m used to it by now. Worth seeing, but only if you know what you’re getting yourself into.  62.457 %

Ghost – A good hitchcock style thriller, which exposes the Blairs for what they really are! Well, not really, but is based around the like of the wonderful Tony and Cherie Blair.  68.749%

Samson and Delilah – Possibly the bleakest movie i’ve ever watched on a good friday! its been out a while, but is a beautifully shot, tragic story of a community on the edge. Barely any dialogue, and feels much longer than it actually is, but still pretty good. Key word is bleak!  49.595%

Kickass – Really expected more from this one, with all the five star reviews knocking around, but to be honest, its not that particularly well written. Looks good though, and if you shut off some sections of your brain, you’ll enjoy! 52.639%

Shutter Island – For some reason i kept putting off going to this, maybe it was because it starred Leonardo and he still looks like he’s 12 years old. Its a very well done, stylish noir movie, which just about pulls off its very contrived plot and is a good romp throughout. 68.126%

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  1. well, you could live without ghost also, but its probably the best of what’s around at the moment. i guess the polanski thing is just so odd, hard to know whether its morally right to go to his movies, or is that a factor? hmm…

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