Death Drop 2: Back in the Habit – Gaiety Theatre – Review

Death Drop 2: Back in the Habit – Gaiety Theatre – Review
by Fran Winston

The Gaiety Theatre, South King Street, Dublin 2
Nightly at 8pm until February 4th. Early show at 5.30pm Friday February 3rd and 4pm Saturday February 4th. Tickets €20-€45
Recommended for ages 14+

Photographer – Matt Crockett

Hot on the very high heels of the first Death Drop production ‘A Dragatha Christie Murder Mystery ‘(which I loved) comes this sequel. In case the title hadn’t given it away, it is set in a convent and if you think Sister Act meets Sound of Music meets Scary Movie you somewhat getting the idea.

Featuring legendary stars of the hit TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race, Jujubee, Cheryl Hole, Victoria Scone and Kitty Scott-Claus and Drag King superstar LoUis CYfer, the show comes with a ready-made fan base, but even if you’ve never followed the hugely popular drag competition you will find plenty to enjoy in this.

A priest called Alfie Romeo is sent to the convent of St Babs in search of an ancient religious treasure. Confronted by the intimidating Mother Superior, Sister Mary Kim Woodbourne and her three wards Sister Titus (say it quickly), Sister Mary Berry and the sweet but naive Sister Maria Julie Andrews, he doesn’t make himself popular when  he announces that he is closing the convent.  But no sooner has he made his intentions known than unnatural happenings begin to occur. As the show takes the audience on an homage to numerous popular horror films including IT, Scream and The Exorcist the group must work together to try and unmask their tormentor before it sends them straight to hell.

This is keeps its tongue firmly in its cheek at all times, frequently cheekily breaking the fourth wall to give the audience a knowing wink and a nod. While there are plenty of reference to the stars of Drag Race, not understanding these won’t ruin your enjoyment. It is completely irreverent and (literally) nothing is sacred with pretty much every subject fair game. It is safe to say that this is not for the more sensitive souls amongst us. But if you like you humour loud, bawdy and saucy then you will love this.



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