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Nyx Nótt – Themes From – Album Review

Nyx Nótt – Themes From – Album Review
by Killian Laher

This is the second album by Nyx Nótt, which is the instrumental work of none other than Aidan Moffat.  It’s really nothing like anything he’s done previously, though this is the second Nyx Nótt album.

The stately Docudrama is classically influenced, yet you can dance to it.  Thriller starts out like the National and then becomes the kind of music that would soundtrack a ‘thriller’ movie, and Caper is quite similar.  Very much like incidental film music to soundtrack action sequences.  Swashbuckler is its most dramatic piece.  Hardboiled has moody, jazzy brass while ironically, Tearjerker is a little brighter than what went before.  It’s an intriguing and strange album, worth checking out for any fans of Aidan.


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