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bdrmm – The Workmans Club – Live Review – 13-11-22

bdrmm – The Workmans Club – Live Review – 13-11-22
by Killian Laher

A damp Sunday night in November provided the backdrop for the headline show from Hull post-punk band, the strangely-named bdrmm.  Support came from Dublin band ‘of all living things’, who played a decent set of slow, powerful songs.  At times they were reminiscent of Mazzy Star, with Eunice Saraiva singing over a set that at times kicked up a hell of a racket.  Songs like Mostly Timing are music to lose yourself in and drift away. This band has the makings of something special!

bdrmm opened the set with a lengthy instrumental, keeping the crowd waiting to kick into identifiable songs like Gush and Happy.  They took time to make an impression, exploding into life with the newer, rocking material.  Their songs are more like soundscapes, slightly reminiscent of The Cure or DIIV.  The echoey effect on the microphones made the vocals fairly unclear, but it didn’t matter, as the audience lapped up their impressive sound.

With no encore, the night ended a little abruptly, but it certainly whetted the appetite for a forthcoming second album.

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