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Rapt – Wayward Faith – Album Review

Rapt – Wayward Faith – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Rapt is the musical project of Jacob Ware, a former member of the death metal band Enslavement.  This is the latest in a series of releases under the same name in the last four years, which are a mixture of ambient and more song-based work. This relatively short album is a thing of sun-dappled wonder.

It starts with the moody, tranquil drift of Only Water which mainly consists of Ware’s guitar and voice with some accompaniment from Demi Haynes on backing vocals and a hint of birds in the background.  The Nest has the feel of prime Simon and Garfunkel, backed by Ware’s guitar playing reminiscent of Mark Kozelek when he was channelling Segovia about 12 years ago.

The centrepiece is the absolutely gorgeous Fallow (I-III).  Hints of Kings of Convenience on the vocals with some quite lovely guitar picking and strings, creating the moodiest music you’ll hear this side of 2022.  Threads features a duet with Jacob Ware and Demi Haynes while Haynes takes lead vocals on Last Night In Exile which again features some really lovely guitar playing from Ware.

It’s a relatively simple, mood-setter of an album, it will take you out of yourself for half an hour.  Best place to get it is here.

The Nest

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