Body & Soul – 18/06/22 – Review

Body & Soul – 18/06/22 – Review

Day two of a festival is always the hump day, so to speak! You wake up and regardless of how good you were the night before, things are not quite right! Your body has a few new aches and pains after a night spent ‘under the stars’ and you’re wondering quite what that stain is on the front of your shirt! Best assume it’s Taco related and move on!

The first band of the day was Inni-K on the unamplified Awake stage! After that it was on to Peter Broderick for his latest tales of foraging for food. It must certainly cut down on your food bills, so it might be something to explore with inflation what it is at the moment! We were told of ways to find prickly pears, blackberries and also the joys of ‘Wild Food’ along with a choir summoned form the audience.

The Woodlands Stage was the place to be, with an impressive set from Junior Brother proving that he is more than his epic ‘Hungover at Mass’, although it was the undoubted highlight. John Francis Flynn was as commanding as ever, and even showed us his trick of playing two tin whistles at the same time!

On the main Body & Soul stage, there was a collection of power women, with Lisa O’Neill playing alongside the Clash Ensemble. Lisa is a unique voice in Irish music, and it’s great to see her getting the recognition she so richly deserves. Next up, it was CMAT who told the audience she had traveled down with friends the night before, so was fresh from camping! The Pillow Queens continue to go from strength to strength and their set started just before 8 got the crowd going.

The evening quickly became an event called ‘waiting for David’ as David O’Doherty’s set was delayed by an unspecified amount. As the sound engineer told the stage, ‘that comedian guy won’t be on for another hour’. A quick check of his twitter account confirmed that David’s day was not going according to plan!

He arrived on stage dragging his suitcase behind him, in dramatic fashion. He then proceeded to dazzle us with tales of going drinking during lock down, STD tests and ways to get rid of a broken toaster oven! It was as enjoyable as we had expected and it’s always good to break the music up with a touch of comedy. We’re glad Aer Lingus eventually got the finger out.

Róisín Murphy was the undoubted highlight of the evening, even for the fashion show alone as we were treated to a multitude of costume changes along with the highlights of her musical career. Her brand of disco beats along with her commanding stage presence really got the crowd moving.

We wait for what further delights day 3 has in store for us! It has a lot to live up to…


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