Q&A with Theatre Producer Adam Weinstock – What Doesn’t Kill You…! @ IDGTF

Q&A with Theatre Producer Adam Weinstock – What Doesn’t Kill You @ IDGTF

We had the chance to put some questions to the Producer Adam Weinstock of Red Spear Productions/ Creative Concept Productions ahead of the opening of What Doesn’t Kill You at the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. You can see the results below.

You can find out more about Adam here.

What Doesn’t Kill You – 9 May 2022 — 14 May 2022 – THE TEACHERS CLUB (STUDIO)

Can you tell me about how you became involved with What Doesn’t Kill You? When did you first read the script?

AW:  It’s funny I was in the UK visiting London in October 2021 when I got a phone call from Evan Bergman of New Jersey Repertory. SuzAnne Barabas the Artistic Director thought that “What Doesn’t Kill You” would really appeal to my sensibilities. When I got back across the pond I made it a priority. I really fell in love with the show and with James Hindman’s portrayal. As a producer, I thought I could do something with it.  It would be easy to travel and market.

How long have you known James Hindman? Can you tell our readers a little bit about him?

AW: I’ve only known James Hindman for a little over half a year. During that time I have found him to be an absolute professional and a perfect gentleman, kind, generous, creative, adroit and giving. Plus, he is very well known and respected. Since my association with James, I am now working on a plethora of other projects as many renowned folks have come to me simply because I’m bringing WDKY to Dublin.

He knows everyone! Everybody who knows him adores him, and so will the audiences and Dublin.

This play is based on true events. What can the audience expect from the production?

AW: I love what one of the critics said …people will come away from seeing this production as a more educated theatre goer!  It’s charming, it’s funny and relatable. And all true which is wonderful. A solo show can be challenging. It requires an appealing premise, top-notch writing, and an actor that captures the dynamism of the story. Hindman accomplishes this and more as he tells the true story of his near-fatal heart attack and recuperation, travels with his husband, John, and work as an actor and writer. It is simply very good storytelling and very entertaining.

Your company Red Spear has a number of very large productions currently touring such as Tina – The Tina Turner Musical and Back to the Future. Is your involvement with productions for smaller spaces more a labour of love?

AW: Red Spear Productions is a partnership with the brilliant Mr Roger Cooper. Creative Concept Productions is all Adam Weinstock. I am the Executive Director of a Theater Festival in the USA, which is a paid position.  All are different.  “Tina Turner” and “Back To The Future the Musical” are very high profile commercial projects. They started on the West End and they are coming to New York and I am elated that I get to be involved. That being said however you are quite correct, it is lovely to discover smaller shows and give them “life.” They enable a more participatory involvement in the creative process. I am fortunate enough to love and present theatre in festivals such as the IDGTF and possibly Edinburgh. They are just as rewarding if not more so than the commercial ones.

Your production is part of the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. Have you ever made it to the festival?

AW: I have been lucky enough to present twice in the past at the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. I am in absolute awe of Mr Brian Merriman and his team. They accomplish so much for Dublin, for our community and for the theatre going world. Dublin is a wonderful city and it’s a fantastic festival.

Believe me, after the past few years that we’ve had, I am so looking forward to coming back!


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