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The Arteries of New York City – Album Review

The Arteries of New York City – Album Review
by Killian Laher

The Arteries of New York City is a collaboration between composer Alex Kozobolis and Jamie Cameron of The Last Dinosaur.  It’s very much in the ambient vein, but way less structured than most of this genre.  The album plays with your idea of what music actually is.

From the opener Yaesu, the ambient ‘background’ noise is given as much prominence as the more conventional keyboard playing.  Dyn features what might be exotic birds trilling but it’s indistinct, and gradually the sounds become quite discordant.  Elsewhere, Cass is full of groaning sounds and seemingly random piano playing, while Capable is foreboding with strange cutting sounds running through it.  From Worldly Cares is a departure in that it’s very much voice-based, sounding like the voice is double (or even triple) tracked over a jazzy piano.

The album is brief and will have you scratching your head for sure, yet will leave you wanting more.  It’s available here.

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