New Irish Music – Abbacaxi – Endless

New Irish Music – Abbacaxi – Endless

We probably don’t feature as much electronic music as we should on this site, but when it’s this good and produced by some local talent, it’s hard to ignore! This song blends “house, funk and RnB” to create something quite special. It’s a tune that cries out for a 12-inch version that just runs and runs.

The sounds are the creation of Thomas Garnett under the guise of Abbacaxi. The animated video is also something enjoy, with a mix of animal friends.

“It brings you up before it brings me down
It goes around
It goes around
It goes around”

You can find out more about Abbacaxi here.

Abbacaxi  releases new single ‘Endless’ Feb 25th
Announces EP ‘Endless’ will be released April 8th via Lost Decay (Faction Records)

Irish multi-instrumentalist Abbacaxi has served a long and proper musical apprenticeship. Now stepping out on his own, he has a fresh and heartfelt sound that brings positive vibrations and good times. It draws on his love of jazz, funk and disco with very modern dynamics.

With his new single and video ‘Endless’, we dive deeper into the world of Abbacaxi. The title track from his upcoming EP, due in April, is a moody mixture of hypnotic beats and euphoric tones. Bringing to mind artists like Massive Attack and Radiohead, Abbacaxi is now showing that he is here to stay with this atmospheric banger. Expect to hear great things from the Dublin-based artist in ’22.

About his new track Abbacaxi says “I wrote Endless when I was 25, I was really digging some Deep House and Breakbeats at the time. And getting used to the ebb and flow of life.”

With Endless set to release as a part of his debut EP (of the same name) in April 2022, you have a big hint at what to expect from Abbacaxi. Though his fun, effervescent character is reflected in his music, he is just as able to break your heart with his melancholic chords and neo-soul vocals. Musicians as versatile as Abbacaxi don’t come along too often, so strap in and enjoy the ride.

About his new project Abbacaxi says… “I experienced a lot of highs and lows in a short period of time but I realised I wasn’t the only one around me feeling depressed from time to time. For every really bad experience, there is an amazing one waiting around the corner. Life is so much easier when you remember that”

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