The Beatles: Get Back – The Roof Top Concert – Film Review

The Beatles: Get Back – The Roof Top Concert – Film Review

Director – Peter Jackson
Stars – The Beatles

Released in IMAX from the 10th – 13th  February. General Release on Feb 18th.

On 30th January 1969, the Beatles performed on the roof of no. 3 Savile Row, a building which they owned. It turned out to be their last live concert. The audience were a few office workers who had climbed onto the roofs of neighbouring buildings and people on the street below who could hear the music but not see the performers. The sky was blue, while the temperature may have been chilly, the fab four were filmed from various angles enjoying themselves as they performed loudly in the street that is home to the most elite tailors in London, where the toffs go to have their suits made. Inevitably, given the location, some residents complained about the noise being created by the rooftop gig.

The film lasts just over 65 minutes and the footage of the gig itself lasts about 40 minutes which includes interviews on the street with passing pedestrians, a diverse bunch, and the conversations with the constables who want the music stopped as it apparently constitutes a breach of the peace and if it is not stopped arrests will be made. However, a confrontation is avoided – just.

By the use of split screens, Jackson manages at times to show four different shots of the same happening in sync. He also uses the split-screen technique to show what is happening simultaneously on the street and on the roof. It adds to the excitement of it all.

The piece continues Peter Jackson’s love affair with the band as he is also responsible for The Beatles: Get Back, the documentary miniseries available on Disney+. This new film was created from over 60 hours of unseen footage (filmed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg) and more than 150 hours of audio.

Sit back and enjoy the Beatles creating their glorious sound and for those who are mature in years, revel in a glorious trip down memory lane. It is a delight for fans of the fab four.

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